Home Visits

We visit you

Home visits are a unique feature of Community Children kindergarten and child care programs. Home visits are when your child’s early childhood educator or kindergarten teacher comes to see you and your child in your home at a convenient, pre-arranged time.

There are many benefits of our home visits program:

  • Children become more familiar with staff and build a stronger rapport as a result
  • Parents can ask more detailed questions about their individual child, the program, procedures and policies etc
  • Children’s unique needs, likes and dislikes can be discussed in more detail, from food to activities and more
  • Staff use the opportunity outside the busy centre times to sit down and go through children’s individual records and programs
  • Staff observe how children engage in their home environment so they can incorporate their interests more fully into the Community Children program
  • Home visits are an ideal opportunity to discuss how families can get involved in and, contribute to, the Community Children program.
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