Australian Police Child ID App

Australian Police Child ID App

The Australian Police Child ID App is a free smartphone application. It is designed to help parents quickly provide personal identification information to police in the event that their children go missing.

The Australian Police Child ID App was adapted from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Child ID App. Through this collaborative effort we have created a tool that will help parents and guardians collect and send important information about their child/children to authorities in the event of a disappearance or abduction.

The app allows families to store photographs and vital information about their children on their mobile phone. Information can be password protected so that only authorised users will have access. In the devastating event that a child goes missing, this information can be immediately forwarded to authorities via email, assisting them to expedite their search.

The application also includes safety advice and checklists for parents on keeping children safe, information about what to do in the hours immediately after a child goes missing and provides quick and efficient access to emergency contact phone numbers.

This free application is available for Android and iPhone users. Download it from:


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View the Police Child ID App Brochure (PDF 653 KB)